Last James Bond movie starts with a scene of a huge parade in the centre of Mexico City for the celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead. As many things in the movies, it was made up to create a remarkable opening scene and to catch the interest of the audience. The problem with this scene? It isn’t real at all. So as I found out that Disney will release an animated movie based on this Mexican tradition, I was scared that they’ll just focus on action and won’t hesitate to lie if necessary. The other risk is that they might focus on stereotypes. Somehow they did, in the first teaser, Dante, a Mexican dog, follows a bone and ends up being draged throught stands with Mexican souvenirs or cactuses. I’ve never seen the latter while being in Mexico. It’ll be definitely happening in a small, stereotypical Mexican village.

On the other hand, what could they show, other than typical, stereotypical image of Mexico in a cartoon? After the first trailer I forgot about my high expecations towards the movie and was grateful that at least we’re not getting another sequel or prequel or a movie trying to set up a new franchise. It will be also released without any controversy which surrounded its preproduction: Disney wanted to trademark „The day of the dead” but haven’t done so due to the protest of different organizations and individuals like Lalo Alcaraz.

The movie tells a story of a Mexican boy, who dreams about being a musician but from some unknown reasons he can’t follow this goal as its forbidden in his family. On the day of dead, he enters the other world of dead. There, he meets someone who helps him discover the secrets of his family. Spirituality in Mexico is something a lot Mexicans believe in while many Europeans regard ghosts and the presence of souls with a lot of scepticism. Will Pixar highlight this difference in his movie?

As excited as I am to see this movie, it’s pitty that it wasn’t created in Mexico itself. With its more and more interesting national cinematography, it could be something different than all these animated movies we get to see in the cinemas every year. However, it wouldn’t receive so much attention like Coco only because its distributed by Disney.

Here you can check the newest trailer for Pixar’s Coco.

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