Como ganar enemigos

„How to win enemies? By telling the truth”. With these words begins the Argentinian movie Como ganar enemigos. When you think about it, you start to realize how true these words are and you expect to discover more of such interesting thoughts while watching the movie. It never happens.

I watched this movie as I still haven’t seen a lot of movies produced in Argentina but I got really disappointed. The story begins really good, with a solid and interesting introduction of the characters. The actors are a big plus of this movie, none of them seems to act fake and each of them suited perfectly to the character.

The significant disadvantage of this movie is the story itself. Fabián Arenillas, who plays the main hero, Lucas, gets robbed and looses all the money he kept in his house in order to pay the advance amount for his new flat. Gabriel Lichtmann, who directed and wrote the movie, tried to create some tricky crime but he opts for really easy and predictable situations and solutions. It’s as if he wouldn’t have time to do profound research. Together with Lucas, you start to think who could be the robber and once your suspicions come true, you just start to wonder: couldn’t this person just ask instead of steal? The screenwriter knew, it’s what you’re going to wonder and even gives you the answer to that question in one of the dialogues. Another unsatisfactory point. Besides, Lucas finds the clues really easy, sometimes too easy – this is probably why Lichtmann made this character a lawyer. It could be more interesting if the whole story would be built around someone, who has average profession.

Lichtmann divided his movie into parts, numbering and giving each of them a title. Nice artisitc idea but it doesn’t bring anything. It’s something which directors like Tarantino add, because otherwise you’re lost in their vision. In case of Como ganar enemigos, it facilitates the audience to track the crime and guess who’s its perpetrator. However, it’s not the point of the crime movies. The best ones are when you’re even tense until the last scene when you discover the truth. The ending isn’t surprising and unfortunately it’s one of these movies, which one forgets after few months. There’s also a motive of revenge but the same like movie’s plot, rather weak and not creative.

In order to not discourage you completely from watching Como ganar enemigos, apart from good actors the music is also a plus. Still, the movie wasn’t a success even in it’s home country. Released in 2015 it was only at the 151 place out of 191 of the most succesfful movies in Argentina in the same year.

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