Guilty Pleasure for holidays

Are you full of ginger breads and festive food? Did you enjoy your Christmas tree and gathering with family or friends? And above all, do you feel happy by watching a lot of kitschy, unreal and sometimes even too naive Christmas movies? I guess that you would also never admit to someone else that you actually enjoyed watching such movies. As a cinephile, movie fan, movie connoisseur, no matter how you call yourself, you would feel ashamed to watch a bad movie, not acclaimed by the critics. Don’t worry, there’s an actual term for this: guilty pleasure. And it’s quite common.

According to the Oxford dictionary, guilty pleasure it’s not only a movie, but also a televsision programme or a piece of music that one enjoyes despite feeling that it’s not held in high regard. As Christmas time is so special: everyone wish themselves happiness, people eat and party a lot, it’s not surprising that Christmas movies are also about such simple topics. They usually show family arguments or a „Scrooge” type person who suddenly finds out, that not a job but people give a life of happiness and fulfillment. Theoretically, it’s true, that money doesn’t give you happiness, but we all know the real life. Christmas movies show situtions which we can describe more or less like this: this could have happened only in a movie. For example? People who fall in love because someone changed their attitude towards life during one Christmas Day. Movies which are based on Santa Claus have already disadvantge only because of its main character: the image of Santa Claus doesn’t correspond to who the real Saint Nicolaus was. All these movies are more like 1,5 hour Coca Cola commercial rather than a well thought screenplay.

Even if you claim that you love Kubrick, you know everything about Kusturica’s style and you can’t wait to see a new Tarantino movie, no matter how many critically acclaimed movies you watch or like, everyone has a small guilty pleasure. Christmas time is certainly a time when each cinephile will watch at least one of such movies. You didn’t? Well, I must admit there are some well done movies, like Love actually, which is a beatiful movie about love and all of its wrong turns. Some of the movies, no matter how many mistakes or unreal events they had, became also a Christmas classics. One of them are for example Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas! So yes, it might happened that indeed you didn’t watch any typical guilty pleasure Christmas movie.

Do you also claim that you don’t watch any guilty pleasure movies at all? Don’t worry, New Year evening is still to come and in less than two months: Saint Valentine’s Day. Probably the second best time in a year for guilty pleasure movies. Twilight fans, we join you on this day! But only for this day. We can’t admit that we watched this movie at all, not to mention that we actually watched it more than once.

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