La dictadura perfecta

Luis Estrada’s last movie, La dictadura perfecta, was the first one I watched from his filmography. It’s definitely important for the Mexican cinema but doesn’t suprise a lot.

Roma inspired me to search for Mexican movies again. After seeing Cold War there was a short time I started to think, that maybe because of my nationality I should concentrate on polish movies and polish market. But then, Roma came into cinemas (well, at least partially) and with it, a renowned interest in discovering Mexico through its films.

Luis Estrada started his career with La ley de los Herodes. I didn’t need to see this movie or the other ones, Un Mundo Maravilloso and El Infierno, in order to hear about the director. His movies tend to be political comedies, try to show the current political situation. La dictadura perfecta starts with a conversation between Mexican and US presidents, during which the first one disgraces himself so much, that it becomes a new social-media hit. A shot of scenes from a Mexican TV news programm follows, showing among the others how Governor Carmelo Vargas (Damián Alcázar) receives his bribe. The news is a hit and forces Governor to talk with a chef of a TV station in order to rescue his image. Instead to be against the corrupted politician, TV Network decides to sign a secret contract with him and as a consequence, the decide in fact to redesign his image. What happens afterwards is series of events showing not only political issues but something which each country can relate to: manipulation. This makes a movie more universal, even though it helps to know some basics about Mexican political situation while watching it. I guess, it allows to appreciate the movie even more.

I don’t know enough about Mexico’s domestic situation, in order to understand all references which were made in La dictadura perfecta. But for sure everyone will understand the sarcasm with which the TV Network is presented. Actually, the story which evolved around the bosses of a TV station is even more intriguing, then a political aspects. And surprisingly it becomes the main plot of a movie: the real image of media and their manipulating techniques. Surprisingly, because one even doesn’t expect it, just check the film poster and you will know what I mean.

La dictadura perfecta was an important movie on my way of discovering Mexican movies. However, it didn’t amaze me as much as I thought it would do. Still, it was a nice change to all the dramas I saw so far.

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