La la Land – for dreamers by dreamers

AG Kino named La la Land the most successful arthouse movie of 2017 in Germany. It was followed by Moonlight and a German documentary Weit. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt. This information is interesting especially for the ones who describe the movie as overrated.  You can hate La la Land but you can’t deny the facts.

La la Land was a first movie which I saw in a cinema four times. There’s so much movies to see that I usually don’t want to watch the same movie more than once. And if I do, it means that it made a huge impression on me. That’s about me and my admire for this movie. Why did so many people saw it and above all, love it? La la Land showed all dreamers: here’s something for you. Introvertics, dreamers, idealists often hear that they need to change. That the world isn’t for them and if they don’t adjust, they won’t achieve what they want. And throught the lyrics of the „Audition” song: here’s to the mess we make , the movie just inspires to take the action. We can change the things. We don’t need to always adjust to the others. Let’s do it and let’s create a mess. And once you hear a song with the lyrics: here’s to the one who dream, foolish as they may seem, you think: that’s me. The stupid believer. And you love it. Wow, yeah, I can achieve a lot and be where I want to be.

One loves the movie because of it’s simple story which could happen to anyone of us. And it’s another day of sun which motivates all the La la Land fans to stay positive and keep on dreaming. It’s utter true, that La la Land wasn’t the best movie ever made, here we can agree to certain point with the one who can’t stand the movie. There are so many other films which talk about important topics and makes you think about them. La la Land success is due to the unpredictable, down-to-earth romantic story. Story which is easy to watch and, let me say it, for a cinephiles and movie fans it’s an equivalent of a blockbuster „put me in a good mood” movie. Maybe this story is the problem and cause of the negative critics: it was just too simple and too obvious to be named the best movie of 2017. La la Land, similar to Whiplash, is an inspiration for both the aspiring and experienced filmmakers and hence all this big hype about it during last year’s award season.  And hate, that one of this isnpiring filmmakers made it possible: success.

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