Let’s focus on Mexico

I didn’t check thouroughly what Edit! Film Culture Festival in Berlin was exactly about and thus got disappointed with what was presented during its lectures. Neverthless, one of them, a lecture on the underground cinema in Latin America (which by the way was suppose to show magazines about experimental cinema in Latin American countries), was so short and incoherent (or maybe too hard for me to understand) that made me realize one thing: how are you able to talk about the whole Latin America in less than one hour? No matter what topic: how are you suppose to cover each and every Latin country, with its specifics and characteristics? Maybe this is why I didn’t get anything from the lecture itself: the presenter himself couldn’t really focus.

What influence did it  have on me? It made me want to rewrite the blog! I realized how impossible it is to cover all Latin countries, not to mention that the term “Latin” is not so clear as well. Thus, all my previous posts are marked in the “Other movies” or “Cinephile’s Thoughts” section and I wouldn’t be surprise if the “Other movies” page disappears completely soon.

I decided to focus on only one country: Mexico. It’ll be interesting enough to try to get Mexican movies in Germany, analyze the circumstances and search for some other names then just “three amigos”. There need to be more than just that. So, are you going to follow and check as well what does Mexican cinema has to offer?

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