Lo mas sencillo es complicar todo

Lo mas sencillo es complicar todo – one of the worse examples of the Mexican cinema. How Danna Paola and Alosian Vivancos try to convince there’s something in the story.

Looking for a Mexican movie in Germany is a hard task: they’re not so popular like for example the French ones. If you search for spanish-speaking movies, you probably encounter something from Spain. You can imagine how happpy I was once I found a Mexican production Lo Más Sencillo Es Complicarlo Todo on Netflix. My happiness was replaced quickly with a shock. How come that such bad movie was created at all?!

The movie tells a story of a 17 year-old Renata who finds out the her crush, Leonardo (who happens to be also her older brother’s best friend), plans to get married. Is it enough for you to feel how “cheap” the story was? Taken out of the stereotypical Mexican telenovela, Renata and her best-friend create a plan on how to not let the wedding happen and convince Leonardo that he’s chosen a wrong woman. That’s it. There’s nothing more. You can even guess the ending. Moreover, the annoying scenes during which Danna as Renata looks straight into a camera and  basically tells, what will happen next just damage the story even more. You’re not surprised at all!

Danna Paola is actually really famous in Mexico: she started her career already as a child. With over 5 million followers on Instagram, she definitely had a broad fan base – one of the arguments why she might have been contracted for this movie. Her acting however was really forced a well as the one of Alosian Vivancos. This actor I got to know thanks to his role of Aitor in Club de Cuervos. In the series he played quite well, after seeing the movie, I started to doubt in his acting possibilities. Why would someone want to invest money in this movie? I can’t find another answer then just the fame of the main actors.

Stereotypes and, I’m sorry to write that, just stupid dialogues… As for example in one of the scenes when Renata asks her mother why does school needs to start at 8 am. Wait, what? Did someone just really wrote this in a screenplay?! I wonder why I watched this movie until the end. This movie was like a bad, stereotypical Mexican telenovela, but just shorter. Haha at least that. However, telenovela has the right to be like this way. We all know what we’re getting while watching it and if you don’t expect a lot, you’re also not disappointed.

My first try to find a Mexican movie on the German market ended really bad. Yes, I know, there are good movies which one can access easily on DVD but I wanted to find something more then just Amores Perros or The  Crime of Padre Amaro. Wish me luck by the next choice.



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