Loving Vincent

I must admit that I wasn’t interesting in watching Loving Vincent at all. I also didn’t check thoroughly Golden Globes nominations, it was enough for me to know that Guillermo del Toro received his deserved Golden Globe award. I did checked very well all Oscar nominations and then it occurred to me: Coco (it was obvious) and Boss Baby (Wait what? For what? Was the Academy bribed?) were among the five movies nominated for a best animated picture award. Another two were Ferdinand and The Breadwinner and as I haven’t seen any of these, I couldn’t really say if these were fair nominations or not. The fifth was Loving Vincent and this caught my attention so much that on the next day I rushed to see it in the cinema.

What I found really interesting is that in comparison to Zootopia, the last winner in the category of best animated picture, Loving Vincent is definitely more sophisticated, both in terms of the story and the technique, while Coco, the same like Zootopia, tend to be a movie for children with a teaching. The question is, who will win? A movie proving that Hollywood is politically correct or something what Oscars are about: celebration of a movie experience? I must admit, it’d be nice to see a winner who was produced by someone else then one of the big players in the film industry. The Breadwinner could be also a surprise this year because of its story. Ferdinand and Boss Baby? No, even though I saw only one of these two movies, I don’t think that one of them deserved Oscar so much like the three other candidates.

I must admit, that my wish for Loving Vincent to get Oscar isn’t completely unbiased. The movie was directed by Hugh Welchman and by Dorota Kobiela, a polish painter and director. Loving Vincent was her first animated feature movie. I got also excited once I found out that the movie was cofinanced by the Polish Film Instiute and shot both in UK and Poland. Besides, almost all painters were of polish origin. For a Polish girl, that’s something to be proud of.

These year the Academy nominated enough female filmmakers, inlcuding something which Golden Globes missed: a nomination for a female director. The same regarding black filmmakers, no one can’t complain. But this time there weren’t enough Latinos enabled to fight for this prestigious award. #LatinosLeftOut might be the reason why Loving Vincent will be left out from the Oscar winners in 2018. Coco and Guillermo del Toro are the main hope that the Latinos will be rewarded in the name of political correctness.

On the other hand: no matter if  it’s about Oscar nominations or other area of our life, it’s just impossible to satisfy everyone. This year we celebrate nomination of Get Out, Greta Gerwig and Rachel Morrison. Maybe next year we celebrate Latinos? Political correctness is something very delicate in USA taking into account its history and its current demographics. However, let’s look at this differently and think what if Mexico, Brazil and Argentina start making powerful movies like Hollywood? Could you imagine that? Movies like Amores Perros or Y tu mama tambien being produced without financial obstacles and dictributed like The Post or The Darkest Hour? I guess, if that would be the case, Hollywood itself wouldn’t be so important. Especially that the Latin American movies have a lot to offer, something which I’ll explore in further posts.

For now, let me feel proud to be Polish and enjoy the Loving Vincent and its nomination to the Oscars. After that, I will cross fingers for the Latinos to be more visible but not in Hollywood and rather by developing film industry in their own countries and fighting with a hashtag: #MadeInLatinAmerica.

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