Macho Man

I’ve heard once that Germans doesn’t know how to do a good comedy. In my opinion, in order to understand a German comedy, you need to search for its humour somewhere else, not in the film genre but the idea for a movie itself.

In some countries, the topic of cultural differences and how to cope with them is so sensitive, that some people prefer to say nothing and avoid being accused of being politically incorrect. Germans will rather do a movie about that and yes, it’ll be a comedy. One of such examples is Macho Man.

Macho Man tells a story of a nice, too nice, German guy, Daniel, who finds flirting and talkin with women difficult. Even though he’s a grown up man, he’s struggling to find a girlfriend. Until this moment when he meets HER and, she even notices him as well! However, it occurs that the magnificent woman comes from aTurkish family. In order to not lose the love of his life, Daniel decides to start behaving like Turkish guys: like a macho man. His main goal from now on is not only to stay with his new girlfriend but also to be accepted by her dad – the most important figure in this Turkish family.

The idea of Turkish men being more masculine then German guys isn’t the only stereotype showed in the movie: German women are anticipated, while Turkish women who live in Germany, even though they see the other culture, prefer to search for their „macho”. A Turkish guy in an expensive BMW, tight men clothes which, well, I shouldn’t write that but they really highlight that: remind you of a gay people. From another style of walking, through smoking shisha, watching belly dance to attending a family gatherings in which a man shouldn’t help his girlfriend prepare a salad. This movie shows all the stereotypes and things, which some Germans find funny and „typical” for Turkish people. BUT: they don’t say it in public, at work or among friends. That’s the point of some German comedies: you don’t watch them because the jokes were so good. These aren’t Adam Sandler type of the movies. You watch them and laugh from the scene because you just can’t believe that they had guts to show or say something like this. And not understand me wrong, it’s not offensive at all. It’s subtle and somehow also offensive for the Germans istelf, isn’t it? The main hero is described as a loser who doesn’t know how to talk with women.

Macho Man wasn’t a movie which I’d suggest someone to watch because it was good. The movie is  really predictable. I would rather suggest someone to watch it to start believing, that German cinema does have comedies to offer. You only need to understand that it’s just German style type of a comedy: crossing the borders which they normally don’t cross in daily life.

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