Marvel and DC Comics: like Adidas versus Puma

I’m not a Marvel or DC Comics fan and it makes easy for me to write an opinion about these movies from the point of view of average moviegoer. Why, whenever a new DC Comics movie is about to come, we experience a big media hype followed by a bad reviews?

Marvel and DC Comics were always a competitors. Like Adidas and Puma. Like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Or like BMW and Audi. They produce almost the same product: superheros with similar powers or even looks. Batman is comparable to Tony Stark, Flash to Quicksilver, Deadpool to Deathstroke, just to mention a few. And above all: Marvel’s Avengers and DC Comics’ Justice League. The latter was a big hope for Warner Bros. in order to set their own franchise, similar to the Avengers movies. It was, because it looks like it’ll fail. The first Avengers movie earned worldwide $1,405,403,694. Justice League‘s gross so far is „only” $491,755,921. With a strong, upcoming movie like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it seems unlikely that Justice League would beat Avengers. In two weeks people will forget about DC Comics and focus on Star Wars. That will leave Warner Bros. with a question: is it worth to continue the idea of giving each superhero its own movie? Auqaman is already scheduled to be released on 20.12.2018 and the second movie dedicated to Wonder Woman was also confirmed. It would be surprising if it didn’t have a sequel due to the fact, that so far it’s the only DC Comics movie which was more successful than Marvel.

Why is that? Is it because we do something (which I also shouldn’t do) and we compare these two comic words instead of letting them to be the way they are? As an average moviegoer I can notice that Marvel and DC Comics represent two different worlds: one is funny and unpredictable (who would imagine that Hulk ends as a Gladiator?) meanwhile the latter is dark and serious. Comparing these two just doesn’t make sense and we do it not only because of the similarity of the characters but also because of the fight for the profit between the studios. Already as a child I noticed how „dark” a Batman cartoon was, refering to both colours and the story. It seems that Marvel’s success is based on the simple rule: people go to cinema to have fun and if they need to choose between Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman, they choose the jokes. Maybe it’s not a time for DC Comics to dominate Box Office now because the audience prefers something else.

I heard a lot of opinions that Justice League was bad. Once I saw it, it surprised me how „not bad at all” it was! The feeling that DC Comics movies are bad might be because of two facts. First, Marvel’s movies are just different and they appeal better to today’s audience and second, more important, Marvel was first to smash box office and get to the broader audience than just its regular fans. And these „unregular” fans are the ones who compare these two worlds. They let Wonder Woman succeed, because in fact yes, it was something which Marveld didn’t have and criticise Justice League. Whereas it’s Wonder Woman which have a lot of mistakes and a weak plot which annoys an average moviegoer. Check an interesting article by Lucinda Michele here:

The best part of all these battles? I guess that for the majority of the critics neither Marvel or DC Comics movies are good at all.

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