The Hateful Tarantino

Since a release of Django, I had a feeling that Tarantino who did the Kill Bill movie is gone. Django seemed like a movie made by a guy who believes he can do any movie he likes without thinking about the audience as it will be played in the cinemas no matter how bad it is. The Hateful Eight didn’t get better then his previous film.

The movie starts with a long shot of a winter view and somehow reminds of the Iñarritu’s Revenant. Funny coincidence, the two movies had even almost the same release date, December 2015. While Ennio Morricone’s music is really pleseant to hear, the first shot gives us a feeling of how the first part of movie is going to be: long and somehow boring. Tarantino used the first part mainly to introduce the characters and yet, we don’t really know who’s the main hero of this movie. Looks like all of the eight persons who appear in the film, with some of them being more in the spotlight than the others. Do you remember Tarantino’s quote, I didn’t go to film school, I went to the movies? Well, I guess that this is the reason why he wouldn’t show us a typical three-act movie. He might kind of did it in Kill Bill, but not in The Hateful Eight. The unique characteristic of Tarantino’s movies, dialogue, dominates in the first part of the movie. One significant action and a voice over changes everything to another typical Tarantino’s thing: action with a lot of blood. This part helps the movie as it’s much more interesting, the characters aren’t polite anymore and one wrong movement or comment makes angry the opponents so much, that they don’t hesitate to use a gun.

As I watched Kill Bill for the first time, I liked it so much that I felt like I need to see other movies from Kill Bill’s director as well. And I did, starting with a Kill Bill Vol. 2, through classic Pulp Fiction to Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown and Inglourious Basterd. While the last one was still interesting, Django and The Hateful Eight made me think that Quentin Tarantino has nothing special to show us anymore. As sad as it is, The Hateful Eight was really a long and almost boring movie. And only a real Tarantino fan could enjoy it from the first to the last minute. Maybe this is what Tarantino is about right now, he has his audience and he’s going to do movies mainly for them. And if Tarantino’s name on a movie poster will still bring millions of dollars in the box office, time will show.

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