It’s about the last scene

The first act of a movie is the most important one. It establishes the atmosphere, introduces the main characters and give you the answer to the question: shall I stop or continue watching? Sometimes you find out that you made really bad decision and sometimes there it is: the last unforgettable scene.

It’s about how Mia and Sebastian look at each other in the last scene of La la Land. At first sight, with a lot of suffering, then changing it into a thankful and delicate smile.

It’s one of the last scenes of Remember Me. Thanks to the scene in which we see Tyler in one of the Twin Towers, you remember the movie which in fact didn’t have anything special throughout it’s two hours run time.

It’s the last scene of Titanic, how Rose throws away the stone to the ocean but above all how she goes back to the ship and meets again the love of her life.

It’s about the happy smiles of Benjamin and Elaine in The Graduate. Happy smiles replaced by the faces marked by fear and pangs of conscience

It’s about Don Juan DeMarco and how he’s nonsense talking about his lover actually becomes true.

It’s the last scene which has the biggest impact on you and based on which you decide to remember the movie or you forget it beacuse it was boring. Tha last scene evokes emotions. If it was good, you tend even to change your whole opinion on the movie and it stays with you for some time. Inspiring you.

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy the last scene of 2017 and tomorrow welcome the first act of the new year.

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