Tiempo compartido

Tiempo compartid
o was a third Mexican Netflix movie which I saw and it surprised me in many ways. While it can’t be compared with Roma, it was much, much better than Lo más sencillo es complicarlo todo.

The movie had many interesting elements. Firstly, Louis Gerrardo Mendez showed that he can play more diverse characters then a stubborn Chava from Club de Cuervos or naive and infantil Javi from Nosotros los nobles. One could believe that he was really husband and father worried about his family. The story is simple: a family comes for holidays to a nice resort and it occurs that the hotel was overbooked. As a result, they are forced to share their apartment with another family. The wife starts to accept the new situation, while the husband starts slowly to get… crazy?

The movie gives you a lot of interpretations. In fact, you’re surprised how quickly the first 15 minutes of a movie has passed. Similarly, you’re be astonished, once you realize that only 20 minutes are left until the movie ends. Why? The tension. This is the second special thing, which makes the movie so different in comparison to other recent Netflix releases. It’s achieved by two tools: music and colours. Music suggests something between old-style horror and a good thriller. You know that something is coming and once it came… Yeah… then the movie finishes and actually you don’t get your big event, this moment you were waiting for. The supporting plot about the employees from the hotel is kind of resolved, but are you sure? The music causes, that you also start to feel little bit insane and anxious. At some moments even disturbed. Colours. It’s another aspect which made Tiempo compartido special and interesting. Blue definitely dominates in a movie. I tried to research its meaning but haven’t found something relevant to the movie apart from the fact that its the favourite colour of all people.

While the movie itself might have a hidden message, it’s not easy to get it after watching it once. I didn’t see it. Is it an example of how easy people can be manipulated if they get a vision of all their dreams come true? Tiempo compartido was similar to another recent release: Under the Silver Lake. Both are pure experience of a beautiful cinematography and many interpretations left for a viewers. I focused first on the movie’s look and will find its meaning later. I hope.

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