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The most tricky part about trying to discover and understand Mexican film industry when living in Europe is actually to find the Mexican movies which are available to watch here…

There’s something huge coming soon: yesterday Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma won Golden Lion for the best film at the 75th Venice Film Festival. These means not only that Netflix showed middle finger to the festival in Cannes but also that maybe the movie will be screened at the cinemas. It needs to!

Nice news but I want to access other Mexican movies than only from the most famous directors. First step; yeah, couldn’t have been different than checking Netflix. But it didn’t give satisfying results. They offer some Latin American movies, however they’re not really related to Mexico. If Netflix doesn’t satisfy you, then you check its major competitor: Amazon Prime. Searching on Amazon is even more difficult, as they still didn’t manage to introduce a search function with key words. So if you have no clue about which title you want to see, either you search for something based on the filmmakers’ names or you try other ways. Searching by the names means that the circle closed: I want something more than the most popular movies and in order to do that, I need to know other Mexican filmmakers.

Thanks to following the 75th Venice Film Festival (no, it wasn’t only because of Alfonso Cuarón), I found other interesting names: Carlos Reygadas who directed Nuestro tiempo (Our time) was also in the main competition as well as Gonzalo Tobal and his movie Acusada. While the latter is an Argentinian movie director and his movie an Argentinian-Mexican co-production, Carlos Reygadas sounds like a name I should get to know. And once I started to research his movies, I suddenly realized that I got what I wanted: another important name in the Mexican film industry. More important: yes, his movies are accessible in the Germany! High-five!

He started his career in 2003 with a movie Japón, followed by Battle in Heaven (2004), Stellet Licht (2007), Revolución (2010), Post Tenebras lux (2012) and Short Plays (2014). All these movies where based on his own screenplays. He co-produced Heli, which was in the Cannes Film Festival competition in 2013 and I started to wonder, how come that I’ve never heard about him before? Wasn’t I interested back then in the cinema enough? Might be. Some movies manage, that people talk about them years after their release date and some are forgotten.

Netflix, Amazon but also a book Cinema. Toda la historia, where my inspiration to search for Mexican movies. I got even more curious once I saw, that the Mexican cinema appeard in the book only twice: first thanks to Luis Buñuel and second thanks to the Amores Perros and Y tu mama también. But it doesn’t end only on these two: it also mentions Carlos Reygadas and his first three movies. Plus some other two or three names, but I’ll come back to these ones another time. Now: Amazon. Three movies are available for the import to Germany: Japón, Battle in Heaven and Post Tenebras Lux. Great! I ordered them and can’t wait for the DVDs to arrive. Will keep you posted!

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